It’s tough being a kid today.

They have so much more to navigate than prior generations.  School has gotten more difficult, sports are more competitive, and social media creates drama everywhere.

Our education system teaches math, science, spelling and computers but where do children learn life skills?

Who teaches them to navigate their own minds, deal with negative thoughts, overcome challenges and have confidence?

Rockstar Thinkers is an animated video series that aims to do just that.  It demonstrates a healthier way of thinking.

They help to remove mental obstacles that keep children “stuck” in negative thought patterns.

Children will learn:

  • To modify their thoughts and get “unstuck”
  • To change the way they see things
  • The power of “yet” (growth mindset)
  • To understand the many sides of their personality
  • That happiness can only come from within
  • To deal with anger and frustration
  • What to do when things seem unfair

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