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It happens everyday…

Your star student did poorly on a test and now her entire attitude has changed towards learning.

One of your students tells you that their parents said that math isn’t important and they will never use it in “real life.”

Sound familiar? You need Rockstar Thinkers!

How students think and feel is as much an indicator of school performance as IQ.

Studies show that having a “growth mindset” is more important than being born smart.  There are plenty of bright students not working to their ability.  And there are just as many struggling students that never fail to amaze their teachers.

As educators, you probably know that.  But your students don’t.  And where is that lesson plan?

To make matters worse, your students may not have great support systems at home.  And unfortunately, a negative environment can also lead to a negative mindset.


Who teaches life skills?

Schools teach the fundamentals – math, science, history, reading, phys ed, music, art.  Parents teach them to be nice to others, share, and not to bully.  And occasionally, there are programs to promote recycling and helping the environment.

But who teaches kids to deal with their emotions?  Who teaches them the mindset that will carry them through defeats and obstacles?

Rockstar Thinkers aims to tackle the internal conflicts that get in the way of learning. 

You can find new ways to teach, add more resource rooms, offer one on one teaching – but if a student is stuck, nothing you try to teach will get through.

  • When you have students that can’t handle challenging situations, how do they prosper?
  • When you have students that are always negative, how will they behave in class?
  • When you have students that get no support at home, how will they perform on tests?


Simple to implement

Each video is less than 5 minutes long. Choose a time that works for your class.  Just log in and press play.

Fun & engaging to watch

Our videos aren’t boring instructional videos… they’re animated cartoons made for kids!  They’re silly, yet extremely impactful.

Thought provoking

Each video stands alone and is meant to be thought provoking.  We are planting seeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Teachers are swamped with work.  How can they add one more thing to their day?

All they have to do is log in and press play!  The video IS the lesson.  There is nothing more to teach.  Nothing more to do. It’s simple.  Yet impactful.  There are no other requirements of the teacher.  However, since many of the videos are designed with repetitive sayings, they naturally lend themselves to being repeated by teachers and students.

How is this program different than others?

There are a lot of videos out there on bullying, recycling, being nice to others, etc – all focused on external behaviors.  Unfortunately, there aren’t too many videos that demonstrate mental/emotional changes that can be made internally. Our series is more like life coaching for kids.

How long is a subscription?

A subscription lasts for one year from time of purchase.

Aren’t there books that address some of these issues?  Why do we need this program?

The Self-Help section of book stores and libraries are growing every day.  However, there are very few self-help books out there to help kids.  And let’s face it, with all the homework students get, the last thing they want to do is pick up a book.

We’d love to implement your program but our budget is already set.  How can we make it work?

We suggest 1) asking the PTA to sponsor the program, 2) testing it in just one grade or 3) using money earmarked for an assembly.  Let’s face it, a YoYo guy, laser light show and recycling dog aren’t doing much to support your educational efforts.  Another option is offering it as a fundraiser in your school.

What age group can benefit from the program?

When showing in a school setting, the target age is 6-12. However, we’ve received very positive feedback from older kids who loved them (but just wouldn’t want to watch them in a class setting).  And let’s not forget adults… our videos resonate with older “kids” as well!

How else can we incorporate the program in our school?

  • Include the Rockstar Thinkers key phrases in your daily announcements
  • Hang our decals around your school
  • Encourage cross curriculum activities
  • Play videos during difficult moments during the school day (like after  lunch) when kids are having trouble focusing or staying on task.
  • Contact us for more ideas – we’d love to help in any way we can!

Have questions?

If you have any questions, reach out to us today.

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