Sick of selling chocolate and wrapping paper?  Looking for a different kind of fundraiser for your school or organization?


Sell subscriptions to Rockstar Thinkers!

  • It requires nothing more than distributing our flyer!
  • No volunteering! No collecting money! No baking!
  • We’ll provide the flyer and you’ll receive a check for 20% of all sales!


You’ll receive 10 free subscriptions
just for hosting our fundraiser.  We encourage you to give them out to any child in your organization who may not have a good support system at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

When someone gets the flyer and goes to purchase, they will be asked which organization they are supporting.

When do we receive our money?

We send out checks every 30 days!  If someone signs up 12 months down the line, you’ll get a check from us!

How much are the subscriptions?

A family subscription costs just $15.  (And parents will be thrilled they don’t have to ask their friends and neighbors to buy anything from their child!)

Next Steps…

Contact us and let us know you’re interested.  This will be the easiest fundraiser you’ve every done.  The best part is that you are helping kids develop healthy mindsets.

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