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Raising Emotionally Balanced Kids


Are you familiar with these situations?

  • Your son is excited to play a new sport but quickly wants to quit when he doesn’t do well.
  • Your daughter sees her two friends at a restaurant & suddenly says no one likes her.
  • Your child went to school excited about her new shirt, only to come home in tears that someone said they didn’t like it.

Why get the Rockstar Thinkers program?

Our education system teaches math, science, spelling and computers but who teaches children life skills?

Who teaches them to navigate their own minds, deal with negative thoughts, push through and have confidence?

Where else are these concepts taught, if not at home? But if you’re working and juggling homework, dinners, sports, etc. chances are there isn’t time.

Kids adopt their parents thinking.  If parents want to truly help their kids in life, they should give them the gift of loving challenges, learning from their mistakes, enjoying challenges, trying new things and always continuing to learn.


Kids love watching funny videos!
Have them watch something that will help them succeed in life!

Our Simple & Affordable Program…

  • All your child needs to do is log in from any computer, tablet or phone – and press play.
  • You can watch them together, or separately.  It really doesn’t matter.
  • The video IS the lesson.  They’re simple yet extremely impactful.
  • They’re less than 5 minutes each and they’re fun and silly so kids will enjoy them!
  • Often with repetitive sayings, they naturally lend themselves to being repeated… so use them in your daily life.

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Rockstar Thinkers uses fun, animated short videos that teach kids habits and strategies to develop a growth mindset, boost their confidence, overcome challenges and defeat negativity.  In a nutshell, it helps kids become the best version of themselves!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our family is always pressed for time.  How can we add one more thing to our day?

All they have to do is log in and press play!  Each video is less than 5 minutes.  It’s simple, yet impactful.  Since many of the videos are designed with repetitive sayings, they naturally lend themselves to being repeated by parents and kids.  This repetition is what helps create better habits.

How is this program different than others?

There are a lot of videos out there on bullying, recycling, being nice to others, etc – all focused on external behaviors.  Unfortunately, there aren’t too many videos that demonstrate mental/emotional changes that can be made internally. Our series is more like life coaching for kids.

How does membership work?

Once you pay you will log in to the site and have access to all of the videos in Series 1.

How long is a subscription?

This is a lifetime membership!  You will have access to all the videos in Series 1 of the program.

Aren’t there books that address some of these issues?  Why do we need this program?

Yes, there are some good books out there.  But let’s face it, with all the homework kids get, the last thing they want to do is pick up a book.

What age group can benefit from the program?

When showing in a school setting, the target age is 6-12. However, we’ve received very positive feedback from older kids who loved them (but just wouldn’t want to watch them in a class setting).  And let’s not forget adults… our videos resonate with older “kids” as well!

Which video do we watch first?

That’s what’s great.  You can start anywhere. Each video is independent of each other and there is no set path to follow.  We’ve organized them into categories to help you.  So if you child is having difficulty with thinking negatively, choose a video in that category.